My Courtesan Philosopy


I Nikki Tylor believe that beauty alone is not enough, an elite courtesan must possess all of the following qualities:

  1. Be able to fully engage their clients and to connect with their heart, mind body and soul.
  2. Be talented in sexual technique.
  3. Have a warm and friendly personality.
  4. Be comfortable in the presence of powerful and wealthy men.
  5. Be familiar with a first class lifestyle and how to enjoy the world’s best restaurants and hotels with poise and class.
  6. Have a stunning designer wardrobe and knowing how to wear it with elegance and style.
  7. Have emotional intelligence and empathy that allow the ability to understand his needs wants and desires in order to deliver a meaningful and genuine life experience that will never be forgotten. This intuition and genuine attentiveness allows her to anticipate his needs and satisfy them before he even expresses them directly to her.
  8. Be able to engage with a client, by listening to his every word as well as to be an active participant in interesting conversations.
  9. Have a beautiful and toned body with a perfectly proportioned figure, with a trim waist and legs and soft evenly tanned skin.
  10. Dress elegantly with style in order to accompany the Gentleman to a five star restaurant and his exclusive luxury hotel.
  11. Be well read and well traveled and versed in current/world events, arts and culture.
  12. Be a lady, quietly confident in her femininity, charming, eloquent and graceful in her actions.
  13. Be experienced in the art of seduction.
  14. Be able to leave the Gentleman in a state of ecstasy.
  15. Not be too consumed by her own beauty.
  16. Be able to focus all of her attention on her partner and provide him with a deeply passionate and profoundly moving experience.
  17. Create a blissful memory that he will never forget.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of ladies who really understand what is required to be a world class luxury companion. Most do not possess all of the attributes that make up the entire package along with the ability to implement the skills. But these are the skills that are required by upscale classy Gentlemen.  It is extremely difficult to deliver this level of service and those who demand the very best in life appreciate all that is involved.

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